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I’ve been sewing all night. Time for Face Off and bed. I’m so damn tired. New stuff coming to Haunt Couture tomorrow. :)

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I get to see Cher again in a week! I’m so excited. I’m laying low tonight. Enjoying some quiet time. Spent the day working on the new gold collection @ Haunt Couture. Fun fun. How was everyone’s week? I feel like I have enough followers that some of you whores should have something to say. No?


If any of the Monster High people who frequent Target like crazy people as I do happen upon Black Cat or Spider Girl on the “boy aisle” I will gladly reimburse you for them + shipping and I’ll throw in a free mini dress. I have been looking for them forever.

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My best friend’s best friend is dating Latrice Royale. So weird seeing lovey things between them pop up on my newsfeed. It’s fucking Latrice!

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akudoi asked
I seriously love love love the way you always seem to dress your ghouls in colors and patterns that fit them! It's somewhat annoying to me personally to see, for example, Cleo in Lagoona's outfit. They have such solid themes it just doesn't look as good to mix and match, since it really DOESN'T match. But you always pull it off and leave me thinking "yeah, Cleo would TOTALLY wear that!"

Thank you! I feel the same way. I always make sure the ghouls wear clothes that suits them. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

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Go watch that damn Monster High video so I have an excuse to buy more dolls. PS: DC in 6 days. I can almost taste the Panda Express. But really it’s one of the highlights.

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I think we all have that internet friend in our past that could definitely be on Catfish.


Getting a start on 420 early with my boyfriend and Trae. 


Anthony’s Monster High Post

I get a lot of questions throughout the week so I’m going to go through my asks and post all the answers here and tag it for future reference. Sorry if I’m bad at getting back to you this should help! I’ll add to it in the future as needed. 

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What kind of camera do you use? I have Nikon D90. It’s got some miles on it but I I love it.

Where do you get all your clothes? Bratz, Barbie, repurposed Monster High pieces, scrap fabric, my boyfriend sews some things. Basically whatever I see that I think “ooh so and so could work that out” I use.

How do you do your dolls hair? I just fool with it for a while. I’m by no means a hair person so it’s all just trial and error when it comes to that.

Who is your favorite ghoul? Spectra, Cleo and Clawdeen. I can’t pick just one.

Any tips on taking pictures? Decent lighting. I like taking pictures on sunny days but I usually I end up taking pictures at night so a tripod REALLY comes in handy because you won’t have such blurry pictures. I do NOT use flash under any circumstances so really the tripod is a must for me. 

Do you edit your photos? I play with the colors in Photoshop or iPhoto but that’s pretty much it. There are some pictures that have a background edited in but that’s a more advanced tutorial that if people are interested in I’d make one. 

Any styling tips? Buy a pack of clear rubber polybands. They are a doll collector’s best friend. Also I’m a posing whore when it comes to my dolls. If an actual girl would not stand a certain way my dolls don’t. CATEGORY IS: BUTCH GHOUL FIRST TIME IN DRAG. 

Hope this helps answer a few questions.

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Going shopping and then going to help Lady J get ready for her first pageant tonight. Should be an interesting day…

How did you style Cleos hair in your previous post?

Hairspray and a prayer.