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Cher’s Cleveland show has under 50 tickets for sale on StubHub. Gaga’s (2 weeks later) has over 1,000. YIKES. 

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Can some of you whores get more excited about Gaga’s first music video in SEVEN MONTHS? I know you’re out there. Perhaps you’ve been hibernating since August.

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Lady Gaga - Do What U Want - Jingle Bell Ball at The O2 Arena

Finally decent quality videos!

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I really think the level of Gaga hate is disgusting. What the fuck did she do to you? She is the best POP MUSIC artist around. As someone who has spent about 20 years listening to pop  she is the first female artist of my generation to put out balls to the wall pop music. And not just a pop song written by someone else that she was handed, compiled into an album, and put out once every couple of years. She puts herself into the music. For us. That is something that no one can take away from me or her other fans. Did ARTPOP underperform? Yes. You know what else underperformed? Every other female pop music album since Born This Way. So now she is evenly matched with every other pop music artist as far as sales go. But to write her off and call her done? Give me a fucking break. You could only hope.

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Gaga winning the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for “The Fame Monster”

Can we just…

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Let us not forget that “Princess Die” and “Stache” are not on ARTPOP. A crime that is almost not forgivable. 

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Of all the people for them to reference on the Howard Stern interview they mention Stevie Nicks twice. Thank you, universe.

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Also “Gypsy”? Can I bring have a “Gypsy” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy” live duet/mash-up? Or at least “you see your gypsy” layed over the chorus. Yasssss.

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When we heard “I Wanna Be With You” I always thought it was such a pretty song but the lyrics were a little basic and even dare I say corny. But NOW with “Dope” it just brings the song what it needs. A little bit of an edge. And it’s just so fucking good. Flawless even.

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