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This bitch is always high as fuck!
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This is what your brain looks like on drugs, kids. 

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Gaga called into a Cleveland radio station earlier today to talk about why voting for Barack Obama was important for her and why it’s important for you to get out and vote as well.

❝ Mitt Romney’s policies coming out of the mouth of someone who makes so much money disturbs me. I make a lot of money and I don’t want tax breaks. I want to give back, not take away. ❞

Tomorrow is election day, American Monsters, so make sure to pull yourself away from the computer for a few hours to go and make your voice heard.


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Fucking love her.
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Lady Gaga meets super-fan with Gaga wheelchair
A dress made of raw meat, a giant egg and a telephone hat… Lady Gaga has worn some of the most eye catching outfits ever made.
But even the US pop icon was impressed when she met one of her young fans, or ‘little monsters’ as she calls them, on a trip to Dublin.
Oran Murphy, from Newtownabbey, County Antrim, who has spina bifida, is a huge Lady Gaga fan.
The six year old has a specially adapted wheelchair which has a picture of Lady Gaga and the Born This Way logo on the wheels.
Lady Gaga was performing in Dublin as part of her Born This Way Ball world tour.
Oran said he was “shaking” when he got to meet his idol.
Laura Rossborough, Oran’s mum, told the BBC how her son loved music and going to concerts.
“Oran loves music and his favourite hobby is going to concerts. As Oran is in a wheelchair he can’t always be near the front,” she said.
“Sometimes we end out right at the back and Oran can’t really see.
“His favourite singer is Lady Gaga, he loves her shows and her music. He told me he really wanted a picture of her on his wheelchair.
“His favourite picture is the Born This Way album cover. He is a really happy wee boy and he likes to say that he was ‘born this way’ so it seemed appropriate to get it put on the chair.
“Thankfully the record company gave us permission to use the picture.”
When Lady Gaga was performing at the MTV EMAs in Belfast in 2011 Oran had hoped to meet Lady Gaga, but they missed their chance when Oran’s mum wasn’t able to get his wheelchair out of the car in time.
“Oran was devastated that he missed his chance to meet her so we knew we had to try everything we could to get him to meet her this year” Laura said.
“When we found out she was going to perform in Dublin we decided we would go down and see the show. Oran dressed up as Lady Gaga’s alter-ego Joe Calderone.
“The stadium was huge and we were quite near the back, Oran couldn’t really see but a nice security guard moved us down to get a better view.
“During the concert, we heard that some people from the standing area would get to go backstage which was disappointing as Oran can’t go into the standing areas.”
After the concert Oran and his mum were outside hoping to see the singer leaving the stadium.
A woman approached them and said she would try and help them get to meet Lady Gaga.
She approached a security guard who fetched a member of the singer’s management team.
Big hug
“When he saw Oran dressed as Joe Calderone and in his Born This Way wheelchair he said he would see what he could do.
“I couldn’t believe when he came back and said she would see us. Oran was so excited.”
Laura and Oran were then invited into Gaga’s dressing room.
“I was shaking, it was so exciting” Oran told the BBC.
“She really liked my wheels and I asked her if she would sign them. She said yes and wrote Lady Gaga on them.
“I told her I had come dressed as Joe Calderone and she gave me a big hug and a kiss.”
Oran’s mum was also able to speak to the artist.
“She couldn’t get over his wheels and her heart just melted when she realised Oran had dressed up as Joe Calderone.
“It meant so much to him that she liked his wheelchair. It’s something he will never ever forget.”

I got a little teary. So cute.
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Someone threw a blunt on stage during Gaga’s show in Amsterdamn earlier and Gaga decided to smoke it.

Oh my fuck. LOL. I haven’t smoked in so long…

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MONSTERVISION No.7 The Adventures of Mary Jane Holland

Modern day stoner Fleetwood Mac? dnw the brown hair though. She looks fine but it’s just not something I enjoy.

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