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Time to get my day started. Blerg… can’t I just play Mario Kart all day? haha.


marvel comics meme: one/ten characters → Jubilation Lee

Actually, my name is Jubilee! ‘Cause, with me, every day’s a celebration!
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Sometimes I get really excited when I style a doll with really cute clothes. Like I put Wydowna in my Inner Monster’s dress for example and it’s so perfect.

Or I got something from Haunt Couture the etsy shop and Bonita is gorgeous right now.

But then I feel like posting pics is pointless because no one cares and I’m just a loser who likes to dress up her dolls bc I like fashion but don’t have the self confidence for selfies.

Same with my MH fanfic actually.

I would love for you to post pictures! Don’t be so hard on yourself! xo

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